Marketing Strategy

Stretch Digital believes that a wide angle lens is needed when we look at the challenge of digital marketing and the service we provide delivers into the key areas of that. We remain agnostic to platforms and technologies, leaving ourselves free to find the best solutions and approaches for each individual challenge, and not vice versa.

Strategy setting

at outset to determine, with absolute clarity, your objectives, the opportunities for you in social marketing channels, and how they fit with your wider Business Strategy.


designing and delivering engagement programmes that go beyond daily page management, or one off design, but which materially contribute to your business strategy.


to benefit from the powerful targeting and message testing opportunities in different channels, driving traffic, building awareness or helping to amplify your engagement programmes.

Why Hire Us
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Our Approach

We look at social environments and marketing in a way that, actually, differs little from how most marketers have been wanting to work with every other marketing channel to date. And that includes their own customer marketing channels.

By better understanding the recipient of our message, we can be better equipped to engage them. Whether that’s with words, or a picture, a mixture of both, or some engaging content we want them to pass on, we now live in environment that facilitates a communication process that is close to 1-to-1.

Lots of Little

In simple terms, redefining large audiences into a large number of small segments. In order to achieve 1-to-1 “conversations” we would have to segment into groups of 1, and we don’t claim to do that. We do, however, strike an effective balance.

Lots of Little does this by placing greater emphasis on interests and brand advocacy than it does on demographic data. In fact, we segment demographically by default, as it introduces a lot of value into our analytics and insight, but the really powerful segmentation parameters become stated interests and preferences.


Knowing our audience better, we like to adapt message to suit them better. And in instances where we have hundreds of audiences we still seek ways that we can make the communication, whether it be advertising, page updates or any other message, as relevant to the recipient as possible.

Of course, this is only made possible by Lots of Little audience segmentation, and we apply it everywhere we can.


Through a combination of Lots of Little segmentation, and relevant messaging, not to mention the vast complexity of multi-variate testing, we build up a vivid picture of who your real audience is – despite what you might think – and what messages they are responding to most readily.

This not only helps us to deliver better campaigns – we optimise and adapt continuously to take on-board this insight – but it means you can use it across all of your other activity too.