Search Engine Optimisation

In a rapidly-changing world affected by Generative AI and ever-evolving behaviours affecting how users search and access content, Search Engine Optimisation as a discipline remains an essential keystone discipline for most business with an online presence.

It may not always be the primary source of users, but elements of the discipline will always be essential to get right.

At it’s core there are three fundamental tenets that we review as a part of a wider digital business strategy

  1. Technical
  2. Content
  3. Authority

Technical audits against your existing presence, website or app, and comparing with your competitors will help to identify any onsite improvements that should be possible to resolve relatively easily.

Content can also be affected in the short-term and with generative AI tools to perhaps help, there is no good reason not to have at least sufficient content available. The positive impact of that will take longer to realise as the volume of content may grow, but also as search engine providers find and index that content and begin to upgrade your rankings.

Authority, driven largely by on-site content and performance combined with apparent interest and popularity as identified by inbound links and references, is often the hardest to make strong improvements in. Investing time and effort in the short-term to improve these metrics may not provide strong returns and we often regard this as a measure or output of the strength of the content being produced, as well as the technical performance of any given site.