Dealing With Disruption

COVID-19 And What Next?

The sudden and sizeable disruption we’ve seen over the last couple of months has had an extraordinary impact on pretty much every organisation in every sector. Many have increasingly had to rely on digital and social marketing and comms channels to maintain contact with suppliers, staff and customers.

Have you managed to mitigate the impacts, and prepare for a return to business as normal, whenever that comes about? Is there more you could be doing to manage today or prepare for tomorrow? We’d like to explore that with you, drawing on ours and our clients’ experience to help you and your organisation.

The coronavirus / covid-19 global pandemic has affected almost every country and has caused disruption and devastation to lives and lifestyles everywhere it has spread to. And so while it is in the same moment horrific to witness the worst of its effects it is also hugely warming to see how people and businesses have responded with such community-minded efforts to support those affected the most.
The well-documented impact on business has been equally far-reaching and varied and represents a huge array of challenges for organisations of different sizes. Perhaps you’re adapting your business to the immediate situation and trying to contribute directly to the issues arising in healthcare or indirectly trying to help people manage the effect of lockdown conditions on how they work or trade.

Maybe you’re thinking about how your business survives, what the path to returning to ‘normal’ might be, and what should you be doing now to prepare for that eventuality. We’re offering to help to explore how your full range of digital marketing and communications channels can help you connect with staff, customers and suppliers both now and in the future.

We’ve seen a wide range of impacts across our own community of clients and collaborators. Negative impacts in events-related businesses, others impacted positively through increased demand for home-entertainment products. The role that digital and social channels have played, and continues to play, varies enormously for each of them.

Whether it’s through paid-advertising strategies, email marketing with existing customers, or building or improving your website, social marketing and content strategy we can share our own experience and perspective on the challenges your business faces. 

So if you think it could help, please schedule a time that suits you and give us a brief overview of your business and any specific challenges you’re facing. We’ll try and get the right people from our team together and help identify any actions you could be taking on either Digital, Social, Search or PR and Strategic Comms fronts.

It’s entirely free and we’re not selling. We want to share and apply what we’ve been learning, experiencing and thinking and hope it might help some of you to prepare for more positive outcomes for your organisation and all of it’s stakeholders in the near future.

Most of all we’d love to connect. Because if nothing else recently we’ve probably all learnt how valuable those social connections are.

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